The Duties of a Debt Collection Agency

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Debt collection agencies are used by an array of businesses to recover outstanding debts from individuals who have defaulted on their repayment plans. They provide critical help in difficult situations where money needs to be recovered. Read on to find out more about debt collection agencies.

Duties of debt collection agencies

Build databases

These agencies build databases that contain information about individuals or corporations with outstanding debts. The database would include the names and locations of individual debtors.

Make contact

They also contact the individual or corporation directly by phone, letter, e-mail and even through messages relayed through third parties to recover outstanding debts. Contact may be made via letter, text message, phone call or email. Occasionally, debt collectors may attempt to visit in person.


They negotiate terms and conditions of repayments with debtors. This may involve contacting credit card companies, banks and other debtors directly to negotiate with them. Debt collectors may also negotiate with debtors on behalf of their clients to help settle accounts outstanding.

Monitor results

They closely monitor the number of cases that are outstanding to assess how well an organization is performing in terms of its strategy. They also monitor the number of cases that are open, as well as the progress being made in each case. This may involve tracking the number of days that have elapsed since a case was opened. This may include noting how many cases are still outstanding, how many have been settled and how many have been discharged by the debtors. This information can help an organisation assess their current rate for collection and determine whether they are best to pursue fresh opportunities elsewhere or whether they should just stay with what they are doing with regards to debt repayment at present. The records will be able to show how well the organisation is performing in terms of its debt recovery strategy.

Provide info and assistance

They assist customers on how best to deal with debt collectors and other creditors, as well as where they can receive legal aid if needed. They would also be able to provide other relevant information to help them recover from debt.

If you would like to find out more, you should make contact with a local debt collection agency today. A member of the team will be happy to discuss the circumstances in which you find yourself, before offering further help and assistance so you can recover any money owed to you.